Bursting with Color and Activities in the Monadnock Region

Autumn colors have begun to explode in the Monadnock Region and there’s an abundance of uniquely fall things to do and see during this season. Driving down side streets or anywhere in southwestern New Hampshire will be a treat. You … Continue reading

Find Your Summer Vibes Camping and Connecting in the Monadnock Region

When it comes to relishing woodland recreation, the Monadnock Region offers the ideal blend of outdoorsy adventure and cozy convenience. Whether you would prefer to go traditional in a tent or laze around for hours by an in-ground pool, you’ll … Continue reading

Monadnock’s Higher Education Institutions Inspire Lifelong Learning

The vibrant Monadnock Region offers educational options for all types of learners. Institutions, events, and programs focused on expanding knowledge abound here. Through these many opportunities for learning, the Monadnock community embraces the potential of all its residents. This spring, … Continue reading

April is All About Earth Day

April is a time for new life and awakening from winter’s dormancy. Rivers are overflowing their banks and perennial plants pop up through the dark soil. Mild weather and bright new blossoms inspire folks to commit to the beauty of … Continue reading

Monadnock’s Wondrous Women: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

March is Women’s History month and the Monadnock Region is replete with courageous women to celebrate! There is certainly no shortage of successful ladies who have made tremendous impacts throughout our long history. With passion to pursue their life’s work, … Continue reading

The Monadnock Region’s Top Frozen Hot Spots

Think snow and ice mean it’s time to stay home? Think again! These freezing temperatures are ideal for growing ice, which means there’s an abundance of icy fun to be had if you know where to look! Winter is a … Continue reading

Snowmobiling and Skiing the Snowdrifts of Southwestern New Hampshire

Savoring the bright sunshine on these short days is what makes winter in Southwestern New Hampshire such an exciting season. The slopes and hard-to-reach vistas accessible by snowmobile, ski lift or good, old-fashioned sweat provide ample reward for the intrepid … Continue reading

The Best Local Ways to Savor an Old-Fashioned Holiday Season

During winter in the Monadnock Region, friends and neighbors embrace the merriest time of year with unique Yankee style and ingenuity. It’s a time for connecting with community and savoring the traditions that make the holidays so memorable. All around … Continue reading

7 Places to Get Inspired by Arts and Culture in the Monadnock Region

The Monadnock Region teems with places to delve into local art, history, and culture. Whether you are an avid historian, artisan, visitor, or local, you’ll find the region’s cultural offerings to be hands-on, soul fulfilling, and relevant to everyday living. … Continue reading

Leaf Peeping and Day Tripping in the Monadnock Region

The great writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, labeled Monadnock the “sapphire in the sky,” and Ralph Waldo Emerson called it “the new Olympus.” Henry David Thoreau wrote and wrote about his beloved wild haunt. All three remarkable writers had this in common—they … Continue reading