Carlton Covered Bridge

Location: 86 Carlton Road, Swanzey, NH  03446

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The Carlton (Carleton) Covered Bridge is number 7 on the list of covered bridges in New Hampshire and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.  It is the only 19th century Queens post truss bridge in the New Hampshire.  It has a gabled roof and vertical board siding. It is 67 feet and 3 inches long, 16-1/2 feet wide. The roadway is only 12 feet 4 inches wide, so only 1 vehicle can safely pass through at a time. The bridge sits on granite abutments and is located on Carlton Road which goes over the south branch of the Ashuelot River and was built around 1869, connecting Swanzey Village with East Swanzey.  The type of truss used to build the Carlton bridge is the same type that was used to build large barns and churches. It is believed that this bridge replaced another that was at this location from 1789.