Coombs Covered Bridge

Location: 976 Old Westport Rd., Winchester, NH  03470

Category: Arts, Culture & History, Covered Bridges, Outdoor Activities,

Coombs Covered Bridge is number 2 on the list of covered bridges in New Hampshire.   Located in northern Winchester, New Hampshire, it is believed to have been built by Anthony Coombs or Anthony Coombs Jr in 1837.    It is located on Coombs Bridge Road and goes across the Ashuelot River between Swanzey and Winchester, New Hampshire.  It spans a little under 102 feet, sits about 11 feet higher than the river, is 107 feet long and 14 feet wide, allowing only one lane of traffic at a time.   It has lattice trusses and vertical board siding with a metal gabled roof.   The ends are arched and there are openings on the side walls allowing in natural light.  It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 and underwent extensive renovations in 1969 and 1997.