Harris Center for Conservation Education

Location: 83 Kings Hwy., Hancock, NH  03449

Category: Hiking, Skiing - Cross Country, Snowshoeing,

Phone: (603) 525-3394

The Harris Center for Conservation Education is a private, nonprofit organization, “dedicated to promoting understanding and respect for our natural environment through education of all ages, direct protection and exemplary stewardship of the region’s natural resources, conservation research, and programs that encourage active participation in the great outdoors.” The center offers family, afterschool, homeschool, community, and research programs for land conservation. It has a long list of events at any given time. Most notable, the Center’s 34,500 acres of wildlife sanctuary lands are open year-round and are free of charge. There are over 20 miles of trails and trail-connectors for a wide range of hiking abilities. Check out incredible views from the summits of Skatutakee Mountain, Thumb Mountain, and Cobb Hill. Leashed dogs are welcomed.