Heald Tract

Location: 112-100 Heald Rd, Wilton, NH  03086

Category: Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Skiing - Cross Country, Snowshoeing,

Catch a glimpse of a wide variety of wildlife and diverse ecology at Heald Tract, a 1,492-acre forest preserve with a rich, ecologically diverse habitat home to nearly all mammal species found in southern New Hampshire. This forest has bears, deer, foxes, otters, moose, birds, turtles, and salamanders, as well as an impressive beaver dam that is 75 feet wide and 7 feet tall, an apple orchard, and fields. Enjoy about five miles of easy trails that loop Heald and Castor Ponds. Be on the lookout for diverse vegetation, including orchard blossoms, mountain laurel, and water lilies, as well as multiple apple trees from a former orchard. In the fall, pure strands of beech have been seen glowing on wet afternoons. Dogs are welcomed. 

Main Kiosk Parking Area: 112-100 Heald Rd, Wilton, NH overlapping towns of Wilton, Temple, Greenville, and Mason