Joe Walker Marketing Services and Event Planning (JWMS)

Inspected and Approved

Owner(s): Joe Walker

Location: 75 Bog Road, Hillsboro, NH  03244

Category: Tourism Partners,

Phone: (603) 731-0693

JWMS is a marketing consulting and event planning business that works with businesses to develop affective strategies to help create marketing plans to reach their target audience. We take the time to explain to our clients the importance of understanding the basic functions of marketing (product, place, price and promotion) and then how to leverage their strengths to create an affective strategic plan to reach their 3-5 year goals.

Additionally, we can plan, develop, market and execute event planning for businesses either as fundraisers or to market their businesses. JWMS can also develop and deliver professional development presentations for employees as motivation or reinforce the concepts that management wants their business to focus on in the marketplace.

JWMS has over 20 years in teaching marketing, event planning and operating a business and can bring vast background knowledge to their clients to help build their business.


Monadnock Travel Council (MTC), Granite State Ambassadors (GSA)