Powder Mill Pond Wildlife Management Area

Location: 290 Forest Road, Hancock, NH  03449

Category: Birding, Canoeing / Kayaking, Fishing, Outdoor Activities,

Enjoy a secluded feeling at this easily accessible wildlife management area. The Powder Mill Pond is a 419-acre long and narrow pond, ideal for paddling with an average depth of 3 feet. It is part of the Contoocook River and more challenging paddling experiences are nearby. Or enjoy a leisure paddle under the historic Greenfield-Hancock County Covered Bridge. The recreation area has a quaint park and a boat ramp on the south end, as well as about 126 acres of protected land with old pasture woodlands, pine, maple, and birch trees, as well as a wide variety of wildlife including birds, ducks, and deer. Several other parcels of land surrounding the pond are protected.

Boat launch 

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