Rhododendron State Park & Little Monadnock Mountain

Location: 424 Rockwood Pond Road, Fitzwilliam, NH  03447

Category: Hiking, Snowshoeing,

Probably one of the most impressive and fleeting sites in the Monadnock region is mid-July when the 16-acre grove of native Rhododendron maximum is in full bloom. Anyone can enjoy it via the 0.6 mile accessible trail encircling the grove at the 2,723-acre state park located on and around Little Monadnock Mountain. The rhododendron grove is the largest in northern New England and is a National Natural Landmark. Wildflowers are in bloom throughout the park from early spring until the first frost and another short trail in the park is lined with them. The park also includes wild blueberries, cranberries, mountain laurel, heathers, mayflower, and wintergreen. The Little Monadnock Mountain trailhead is located in the park and is 2.7 miles with 695 feet elevation gain. It connects with the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail (a 117-mile trail connecting the Metacomet Trail in Meridan, CT with Mount Monadnock’s summit) after about a mile. The trail junction features vistas of Mt. Monadnock, Pack Monadnock, and North Pack Monadnock Mtn. Rhododendron State Park is the only NH state park designated as a botanical park. It offers picnic areas and a learning environment. The park collects a small entry fee. Leashed dogs are welcomed