The Fort at No. 4

Inspected and Approved

Location: 267 Springfield Road, Charlestown, NH  03603

Category: Arts, Culture & History, Gifts & Specialty Shops, Outdoor Activities,

Phone: (603) 826-5700

Log house structure behind tall wood picket fenceTravel back in time to Plantation No. 4, once the northwesternmost village within the British colonies. 

We are an open air museum, dedicated to preserving the history of the fortified section of the plantation No.4 (later to be known as Charlestown, NH), and its influence and relationships with the surrounding areas.

The Fort at No. 4 is dedicated to perpetuating appreciation for the men, women, and children of the Connecticut River area during the 18th century.

The Fort at No. 4 is an independent, non-profit organization and is not supported by any state or federal dollars.