Tippin Rock Farm Trail

Location: (approx) 94 Warmac Rd, Swanzey, NH  03446

Category: Birding, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Wildlife Viewing,

Test your strength at Tippin Rock where you might actually be able to move a 40-ton boulder, or more likely rock it slightly with a ton of effort. Follow the blue blazed trail through evergreen forest up a gentle elevation gain of about 320 feet and over 3/4 of a mile to see this huge boulder balancing on a flat granite sheet of rock. Give it a push on either side and it will tip a tiny bit. Come for the boulder, and stay for the view. Just a quarter mile beyond Tippin Rock, the trail follows alongside massive granite ledges and passes several more glacial boulders to Hewes Hill cliffs and an expansive south-facing view of undeveloped forest and distant hill sides. This is a lightly traffic trail, ideal for solitude. The surrounding area is protected by conservation easements and is well maintained. There is no signage from the road and the small 3-4 car parking area isn’t marked. Round trip is less than 2 miles making this an ideal quick afternoon nature walk with a chance to see wildlife.