Walpole Mountain View Winery at Barnett Hill Vineyard

Owner(s): Virginia Carter

Location: 114 Barnett Hill Road, Walpole, NH  03608

Category: Arts, Culture & History, Made in NH, Wine & Spirits,

Phone: (603) 756-3948

Experience FINE ESTATE WINES made exclusively from our vineyard — growing 32 varieties of French-American hybrids and the new Cold-Climate grapes, producing an exquisite selection of reds, whites, blushes, and blends to suit a wide variety of preferences from driest dry to late-harvest dessert sweet.
We are very proud of our eco-friendly principles and sustainable practices from grape to glass.

On site, you will experience wine tasting while seated in a relaxed atmosphere, taking your time to sample our wines while enjoying breathtaking views overlooking the vineyard.

Spectacular 70-mile mountain vistas, inviting vineyard paths, and abundant photo opportunities on our picturesque site. Small gift shop of wine-related items and local products.

Our wines are also available in a number of local stores and restaurants.